Mumbai: High profile drugs party was underway at sea, NCB raided

Mumbai: Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) is the biggest ever operation during a high profile drugs party in the Sea of Mumbai. A large number of drugs were reportedly recovered by the NCB during the nearly 7-hour raid. At the same time, it is believed that several stars also attended the drugs party. In fact, the ship from Mumbai to Goa was raided by the NCB. The party was reportedly running in the beach sea on the Drylia cruise, though in the meantime, NCB got the news and raided it. Cruise has now been brought to Mumbai and the accused are expected to be produced before the court today i.e.

Recently, a top NCB official said, "NCB came to know about the rave party only on Friday after which a raid was planned with the help of CISF officials.'' On the other hand, one person said, "The event was organised by Fashion TV India in association with Namascray.'' The official says the cruise liner is still under investigation. Several rooms of the ship were searched and several are yet to be searched.

Four types of drugs MDMA, Mephedrone, Cocaine and Hashish have reportedly been seized in the raids. Many guests say they were allowed to board the ship. Recently, a man said, "He had also paid ₹82,000 as booking amount, but was not allowed to board. They were told that the booking on the ship was overdone.'' Let us also tell you that online information was given for this programme. In fact, a passenger said, 'The ship was not going from Mumbai to Goa, but it would have stayed around Mumbai and then returned after 2 days.'

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