Neapolitan Pizza in the city to bring back the nostalgia

Neapolitan Pizzas in town, thanks Zonatello for bringing back the absolute nostalgia. If you are looking for authentic pizzas this is a place you shouldn't miss. It's a pure vegetarian place with a sweet and simple menu with classic choices of pizzas. Still, you won't find any generic taste in the preparations that you would have tasted before, here in Indore.

What makes it stand out ?


1. The overall addictive taste and smell.

2. Different kinds of cheese are been used

3. Thin crust, very light and authentic

4. Woodfire oven gives pizzas a smokey flavor

5. Very less preparation time. 

6. Nice quiet ambiance

These pizzas aren't heavy on the tummy. 

You generally have observed in regular pizzas that you feel heavy after having 2-3 slices, but here the scene is different. You won't feel heavy even after having one full pizza.

Let's have an introduction to the concept of Zonatello, one can’t surely say that it is a thick or thin crust, it is a fine-crust pizza of a decent size. These pizzas are served and prepared with extreme authenticity. A Woodfire dome-shaped oven is used for baking the pizzas. These pizzas are made from 00 flour, which is light and crisp.

Open-kitchen concept lets you trust more in the process. 

Service is quick. You have to order at the counter and your pizza will be at your table in the next 5-10 minutes.

Pizzas that you can't miss-

Pizza Al Pesto- Extremely amazing use of pesto with a combination of authentic mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil. The essence of olive oil comes above all. It is tasty, healthy, and has a repetitive value.

La Verde- This is a unique pizza, I would surely recommend it. Some offbeat toppings like broccoli, sundried tomatoes & pesto make this one different from others.

Marinara- this is a vegan pizza that only has marinara sauce & garlic cloves on the base. It's a bit hard to chew because it doesn't have mozzarella on it but the juicy Italian tomatoes won't disappoint you

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