Neel Shah’s Take On Transforming the Market Via Social Media.

People believe that our future lies in today’s generation and no one realizes this better than Neel Shah. Owner of LKS Media and social media page named Log.Kya.Sochenge has not only achieved several milestones but has set an example for the youth of our nation. Known for his innovation and futuristic thinking, Neel has managed to climb the success ladder by following an unconventional path. 

While many people are still busy figuring out their passion, Neel Shah kickstarted his career at an early age to find the right skill via experience. On asking about his journey, Neel said, “ I have realized that one cannot just sit around and find passion. You have to gain a lot of experience to find out what you really love to do.” 

Neel has a keen interest in the marketing industry and he keeps coming up with creative ideas to uplift the market. While others used social media to entertain themselves, Neel managed to build up a genuine audience base and ran campaigns successfully for brands like Tiktok, Likee, HelloApp & AamAadmiParty. 

Today, the marketing strategy behind every promotional campaign has changed and the market has elevated, all thanks to Neel Shah. On asking about how LKS Media can elevate people’s business, he said, “ Over time, LKS Media has built a team of experts who is excellent at their respective fields. For us, our client’s trust is what we try to gain and we manage it successfully. We use the power of social media and its reach to ensure that everything about the concerned brand is at people’s fingertip.” Adding to it, he also said that engaging people via relatable memes also allows for the success of the promotions. 

Neel is currently working hard with his team to ensure that LKS Media keeps coming up with unique strategies. Today’s generation has the power to gain knowledge about anything and from anywhere. Neel is using this to his benefit to enhance his skill and be at the top. His future might be full of challenges but we are sure that Neel’s presence of mind will never allow him to take a step back.  

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