Neem is beneficial for skin to health

Amidst the increasing cases of Omicron and corona, people are being asked to pay special attention to their health. These days it is cold season and in this season many home remedies can be done to stay away from all diseases. However, the recipe we are going to tell you today is a bit bitter recipe. Actually we are talking about the leaves of Neem (neem beenfits). Let us tell you that neem leaves not only help you physically but also mentally. They work to make your mind calm and strong. In fact, there are many such medicinal qualities in it, due to which not only the health (neem leaves benefits) is good but also the beauty remains intact. So today we tell you about the benefits of neem.

Maintains the beauty of the skin - Neem leaves are used to maintain the beauty of the skin. Yes and applying its oil on the skin gets rid of the problem of dry skin. Along with this, it helps in making the skin glow (neem leaves for skin). In fact, the antioxidants present in it get rid of the problem of aging. Apart from this, vitamin E is present in its oil. Which protects the skin from hyperpigmentation.

* Studies on neem have shown that applying the extract of its leaves on the teeth and gums daily for 6 weeks can reduce plaque formation. Yes and it can also reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth that causes dental plaque. Apart from this, if the extract is not available, then you can wash the neem leaves for strong teeth and chew them in the morning.

* Neem is effective even in the corona period. Actually, eating neem increases immunity. Make neem juice or decoction and increase the immunity of your body. In fact, during the Corona period, many people also started eating neem pills because by taking them, the body gets the energy to fight diseases (diseases cured by neem leaves).

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