Neeraj Chopra plays Garba, talks about injuries
Neeraj Chopra plays Garba, talks about injuries

Injury is a setback for any athlete, but Neeraj Chopra, an Olympic champion, stated on Wednesday that success comes when the athlete goes above and beyond to get through a difficult time.

Along with PV Sindhu, Gagan Narang, and Anju Bobby George, Neeraj stated he experienced a time when he felt all hope was lost after suffering two injuries during his speech at the National Games Sports Conclave.

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"When we get injured, we feel that everything is over. I felt it when I got injured in 2019 ahead of the Worlds, but I came back. It happened again ahead of the CWG this year. It was never easy both times. After an injury, the athlete is forced to answer the question -to continue or not. It all depends on how you answer the question. I decided to keep going both times," Neeraj said.

"At the early stage of an athlete's career, the role of coaches and trainers is very important. Knowledge of trainers and coaches comes in handy in avoiding injuries for the athletes."

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Neeraj Chopra joined the throng during the ongoing Garba festivities during Navratri at one of the prominent sites in Gujarat's Vadodara, despite the fact that he might not be able to compete in the National Games in Ahmedabad in 2022 as he is healing from an injury. The World Championship silver medallist spoke to the crowd from the stage in addition to dancing with them.

He said in Gujarati, "Kemcho?" and wished everyone a "Happy Navratri". Fans of the javelin star reacted by shouting things like "Garam hot siro, Neeraj bhai hero."

Chopra, who was dressed in a Gujarati attire, was warmly greeted by admirers before performing Garba to the sounds of Gujarati traditional music. On social media, video has become very popular.

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