Neighbor rapes minor after making her friend

Jun 30 2020 01:54 PM
Neighbor rapes minor after making her friend

A new case of crime has come out from Faridkot which has shocked everyone. Yes, in this case, when the parents came late from duty, the minor daughter became friends with a young man. What happened after that will blow your mind. In this case, both of them started talking and after that both of them started meeting.

Meanwhile, the young man suddenly started threatening her and one day the youth called her on the roof of the house and raped her. On the complaint of the girl in this case, the police has filed a case against a young man named Jagtar Singh aka Shanti. According to reports, a 15-year-old minor girl told that in the entire case, her parents work in the palace of decorating flowers. They come every day around 10 pm or just after that. During this, he became friends with Jagtar Singh Shanti while staying with his house six months ago and often started talking on the phone. Later, he started threatening her of defaming her. On the night of 26-27 June, he called her on the terrace and raped her.

Further, the victim also told that after her noise was made, her father reached the spot and saved her. It is reported that the search for the accused is going on.

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