Rekha surprises 'GHKPM' stars Neil Bhatt & Aishwarya Sharma's wedding

Actresses Aishwarya Sharma (Aishwarya Sharma) and Neil Bhatt (Neil Bhatt) from the television show Gum Hai Koi Ke Pyaar Mein (Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin) are married. The couple's wedding images have gained a lot of attention on social media. Following the ceremony, the two hosted a lavish wedding celebration in Mumbai on Thursday. Everyone's attention was drawn to actor Rekha (Rekha), who was specifically present at the reception. The pair was not pleased to see Rekha, and as soon as they spotted her on stage, Neil and Aishwarya went and touched their feet.


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Meanwhile, Rekha embraced the bride and groom with affection. A video from that era is currently going viral. Tell everyone that Rekha worked on some promos for The Show Is Missing Someone's Love, which is why she's affiliated with it. In place of Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma, Rekha Kanjeevaram is seen wearing sarees, hair gajras, mang tikas, and bangles in her hands. 

Simultaneously, many colleagues who are in love with someone who is missing took part in the replacement. Ayesha Singh (Ayesha Singh), who plays Neil Bhatt's wife in the drama, wore a gorgeous outfit as well. Ayesha was spotted wearing a multi-designer lehenga. Several photographs and videos from the interim are presently making the rounds on social media.

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