Over 2000 people were killed in this state of India in just seven hours

May 29 2020 05:56 PM
Over 2000 people were killed in this state of India in just seven hours

Very few people know about the Nellie massacre today, but it is considered one of the biggest massacres of independent India, in which more than two thousand people were killed. However, according to non-government data, this number is considered more than three thousand. Now you must be wondering where this horrific massacre took place, why it happened and when it happened. So let us tell you about it in detail, which had given sleepless nights to people in those days.

Let us tell you that this horrific massacre took place on 18 February 1983 in Assam. There is a long history behind this. Actually, Assam used to be a happy state before. The Ahom dynasty ruled here before 1826, but the British later took it under their control. In the early 19th century, the British started bringing laborers from Bengal and Bihar to work in the tea garden, who later settled in Assam. Now that Assam is bordering Bangladesh, so a large number of people from there have been coming to Assam through illegal infiltration. Later he also got the right to vote. Against this, there was a movement in the state in the 1980s, which later became the reason for the massacre. It was the morning of 18 February 1983. Thousands of tribals in Assam surrounded the Bangladeshi people living in 14 villages of Neli region. More than two thousand people were killed in just seven hours. At that time the state police was also accused of being involved in this horrific massacre.

They also say that most of the people who died in this massacre were women and children, who could not escape after saving their lives. The aftermath of the massacre was very scary. In Nelly area, only corpses were lying everywhere. In many places, 200-300 corpses were lying together. It was indeed a very painful and heartbreaking event. It is also said that initially hundreds of reports were filed regarding the Nellie massacre and some were even arrested, but the culprits of this gruesome massacre did not get punished, even a case against them. Yes, it happened so much that the families of those killed in this massacre were given five thousand rupees as compensation.

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