Netflix unveils new guidelines for employees, says ' Quit your job if you don't like content'

The OTT platform Netflix has put a condition in front of its employees which is currently in the headlines. In fact, Netflix has changed its culture guidelines after 7 years. It asks employees to quit their jobs if they do not like Netflix's content. Netflix's culture guidelines say that employees must also be willing to work on the content they don't like. It is further written that if they do not support such content of Netflix, then quit the job.

Netflix further writes in its guidelines, saying that we want the audience to understand for themselves what is right and what is wrong for them. It is further written that they are seeking diversity in the stories even if in this situation, they have to face the challenge of their own personal values. The company has clearly told employees that if they do not support the prevalence of Netflix's content, Netflix is not the right place for them.

Talking about the new guidelines, a Netflix spokesperson said that the company had internally negotiated cultural issues with employees for about 18 months, after which the culture guidelines were created. The spokesperson also said that time was also being given to the employees to give feedback on the new culture guidelines. Around 1,000 suggestions were received, after which new guidelines were prepared.

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