Never do this by using vitamin E capsules or else the face will be damaged.
Never do this by using vitamin E capsules or else the face will be damaged.

Every woman, every girl, wants her skin to look glowing and she looks young for a long time. Yes, and for this, most women follow the skin care routine. Many girls and women use the beauty products found in the market, which are largely made from chemicals. They are claimed to have a better glowing skin and shiny skin, although all of that happens for a while. This list also includes vitamin E capsules that people apply but we are going to tell you how not to use it even by forgetting it.

Applying directly on the skin - Many people make the mistake of applying vitamin E capsules directly on the face. However, those with oily skin should not adopt this method at all. In fact, according to the skin specialist, by doing this, pimples can be removed on the skin. You can mix it in other beauty products according to the skin type.

Applying too long - Vitamin E capsules can be mixed with many things and applied on the face, although aloe vera gel and the best results can be obtained from it. For this, you should apply these two ingredients, but do not keep it on the skin for too long. This can cause many problems on the skin, in which it is common to have dryness.

Facepack- Many people add more vitamin E capsules to it to get glowing skin through a face pack. However, according to experts, one capsule is enough in a one-time face pack. But yes, if you are using it in the hair, then you can use two capsules.

The mistake of heating - Any kind of experiment in skin or hair care is not considered good. However, by heating vitamin E capsules, there can be a problem of pimples or rashes on the skin. Don't do that.

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