Never make these mistakes if a snake bites, may increase risk of life

Aug 20 2019 12:04 PM
Never make these mistakes if a snake bites, may increase risk of life

Rainy season is the favourite season of almost everyone as it comes after the very hot summer season.  But The problem of snakes coming out increases in this season. T The percentage of poisonous snakes in India is very low but still there are 13 species of poisonous snakes in India. The risk of snake bites is very high these days. But don't make mistakes that can increase your risk. Find out about them.

- Do not bandage around or around the part of the body that the snake has bitten. This can increase blood pressure and increase the risk of rupture of blood-supplying nerves.

- Never bite the patient crooked after a snake bite. Because it can affect blood circulation. Take the patient directly and take him to the hospital for treatment. For example, the patient is taken on a stretcher.

- Do not give aspirin or any painkiller  at all. This makes it difficult to estimate the actual condition of the patient. The patient's pain may increase.

- Do not mark the incision in the affected area after the snake bites. Because the poison of the snake from the incision mark is doubled the amount of blood spread sand. Leaves an impact on the brain. Death may occur in a short while.

- Don't shake the body on which the snake has bitten. Do not let the patient walk. Because rubbing the muscles doubles the speed of poisoning.

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