New Banking Trojan Threat Targets iPhone Users: Stay Secure with These Tips
New Banking Trojan Threat Targets iPhone Users: Stay Secure with These Tips

Attention iPhone users! A dangerous Trojan has surfaced, posing a threat to your bank accounts. Named GoldPickaxe, this malicious software, originally found on Android devices as GoldDigger, has now adapted to target iPhones. It's equipped with advanced features to steal sensitive data like facial recognition info and texts, aiming to drain your bank accounts.

Reports indicate that GoldPickaxe can even create AI deepfakes using stolen biometric data, allowing cybercriminals to impersonate victims effectively. While currently affecting users in Vietnam and Thailand, there's a worry it could spread to English-speaking countries like the U.S. and Canada.

What's worrying is how it breaches iPhones. Unlike Android, iPhones are more secure due to Apple's closed ecosystem. However, hackers exploited Apple's TestFlight platform to spread the Trojan. After its removal, they tricked users into installing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile, giving them full control over the device.

The GoldPickaxe creator, known as GoldFactory, has even developed an upgraded version called GoldDiggerPlus. This new variant enables hackers to make real-time calls on infected devices, making the threat even more serious.

To stay safe, iPhone users should avoid installing apps via TestFlight unless necessary. Be cautious of installing MDM profiles unless required by employers. Using malware scanning solutions when connected to a Mac can also help. Additionally, enabling Lockdown Mode and Apple's Stolen Device Protection can boost device security.

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