New Celebrity Magazine is Geared Towards Women

FAME Publish Magazine is a new entertainment magazine that debuted on digital magazine platforms with the January 2020 issue. FAME Publish Magazine offers an in-depth look behind the scenes of famous celebrities, entertainers including but not limited to actors, artists and even athletes all over the world. 

FAME Publish also provides celebrity photographs and one-on-one interviews. FAME Publish Magazine's chief editor says they will start print versions by next year and plan to circulate approx 50,000 copies in India, all formalities are under proceedings.

FAME Publish is geared towards talented women who are an inspiration to others including artists, singers, choreographers, photography, fine artists and actors. "I started this magazine with women in mind, but the magazine is for all entertainment enthusiasts," says Sunil Butolia the Editor-in-chief, who is son to Pratap Singh, the man who outlined the blueprint of this magazine in 2012 to help and encourage women entertainers in India.

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