Keep this thing in mind before wearing new clothes

Sep 18 2020 02:53 PM
Keep this thing in mind before wearing new clothes

Are you among those who buy new clothes from malls or shops and wear without washing them? If so, you should change this habit soon. Whatever clothes you buy from the mall or from the market, many people try it before you. The chances of skin problems are higher. Your new clothes may have taken germs and bacteria, which can lead to a variety of skin infection.

After making clothes in the factory, they are sent from one place to another before they reach the store. It becomes difficult to find out where the cloth was made, where it was kept, and how it was transported. In this order, your new cloth can come under the contact of many microbes and germs. You cannot see these microorganisms with your eyes but this does not mean that they are not present on the cloth. So, for your safety, you must wash it before wearing cloth.

Before purchasing anything, you must keep in mind that your dress has been tried by many people before you. Clothes are displayed in large malls and stores. The person who wears it first, and buys it only after the dress fits. In this process, dead skin and germs remain on the cloth. Because of germs, you may face many skin problems such as itching, swelling and redness in the skin. It is very important to take care of all these things.

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