''New coronavirus variant Omicron is big concern'' AIIMS doctor

New Delhi: Since the discovery of new corona variants, the entire globe has been in upheaval. Many questions are now being raised in people's thoughts. Everyone is curious about the severity of this variation. What can be done to avoid this? How effective is the vaccination, on the other hand? Aiims Doctor Navit Vig recently answered all of these questions.Dr. Navit Aiims is also the Chairperson of the Delhi-based Coweed Task Force. He recently stated that he believes the new version is more transmissible. That is to say, it spreads faster. It's also more effective in breaking through immunity.

At the same time, he said, "We have to understand that new variants will keep coming. In such a situation, universal vacation is very important for all people to get a vaccine. He has clearly pointed out the need for a booster dose. "Booster dose will be required based on age groups and different types of patients," he said. At the same time, it will require immediate study. '

Likewise, he said, "After the booster dosage in Israel, the vaccine's efficacy jumped from 40% to 93%. It will be required in that situation. Let me remind you of something Dr. Sanjay Rai of the AIIMS Centre for Community Medicine mentioned earlier: "This is a brand-new variation. The 'Wait and Watch' policy must be implemented immediately. It is necessary to examine the situation. We're not sure how much of this is infex. However, it's possible that it'll override your current immunity. If this is the case, it is a significant concern. Tell everyone that the new corona variant is B.1.1.529, commonly known as the 'Botswana Variant.'

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