Husband kills wife after getting troubled by luxury life of wife

Nov 29 2019 03:59 PM
Husband  kills wife after getting troubled by luxury life of wife

New Delhi: In the murder case of newly married young lady Nancy in West Delhi, the police have revealed the surprise. The Janakpuri police have arrested the woman's husband and two of his friends for murder. West Delhi's Janakpuri police have arrested her husband Sahil Chopra and two friends for the murder of newly married girl Nancy.

The accused husband was a car dealer and the woman previously worked in an event management company. Nearly two years ago, Nancy and Sahil had a friendship at the birthday day party, then fell in love and both started living in secret live in relation and then they got married in March this year. The family members of the accused have alleged that the girl had many boyfriends and she was a bar dancer. After marriage, this family of four was living well. But the son was worried about the daughter-in-law's wrong actions. He says that the daughter-in-law used to loot thousands of rupees.

The case was revealed when Nancy's father, who lives in Harinagar, lodged a complaint at the police station saying that his daughter could not be contacted for several days. His daughter was married to Sahil Chopra, a resident of Janakpuri, in March this year. Sahil used to trade second-hand vehicles. But the woman's father alleges that her in-laws used to torture her for dowry.

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