New emoji will be available on Whatsapp, chatting more fun now
New emoji will be available on Whatsapp, chatting more fun now

Whatsapp, peoples favorite chatting platform is going to be doubly fun in the coming days. Android is going to bring new emoji to its users, which will be seen just like Apple. Whatsapp has already modulated some pre-emoji emoji. 

WhatsApp has tried hard to make its new set of emojis look different from Apple's but on the close comparison, we find that there are only minor changes between the two. For example-  the dancing girl or bunny girls emoji have their right hand raised up unlike the Apple's where they are seen with their hands on their waist. Similarly, the smiling face with heart eyes has a bigger and protruded heart than the Apple's face. The Ghost emoji now has uniform eyes with tongue stick out sideways.

Apple has recently launched a new emoji, right now beta test has been done for these emoji, it is not clear whether these emoji will be included in the next update version or not. Going one step further in the world of emoji, Apple has launched anonymity with the launch of its iPhone X recently. 

This is an animative form of Normal Emoji, in which the emoji can be converted into animation through Face regeneration technology. Apple's custom animated messages, which reflect the user's voice and facial expression.

Apple has used animated 3D emoticons to try something different, using 3D technology. Apart from this, animated emoji can be scanned by scanning the face in the new iPhone X. 

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