Omicron's deadliest BA.2 strain ever found in UK

The havoc of corona infection is bothering people these days and in the meantime Omicron has also harassed people. Now there are three Sub-lineage or strain of omicron between all of them, including BA.1, BA.2 and BA.3. While Britain had been hit by BA.1 strain so far, it is now said that BA.2 strain has also arrived in britain. BA.2 strain is the fastest spreading variant of omicron. According to the information received, the British newspaper Daily Express has informed about the same. In fact, recently, the UK Health Security Agency (UK Health Security Agency UKHSA) has identified 53 sequences of omicrons in the UK. UkhSA says there have been 53 cases of BA.2 strain of omicrons in the UK.

The health agency says that the symptoms of the fastest spreading omicron variant are less severe. On the other hand, UKHSA said, "We are confident that the severity of omicron is low on adults. However, UKHSA has warned that there are 53 sequences of BA.2 strain, which is highly contagious. It has no special mutation, which makes it easily different from the delta variant. Not only that, it was only a few days before that that, this train of Omicron was found in Israel. According to an information revealed, 20 such cases have been identified in the country. According to the report, it has not yet been established whether the BA.2 strain is more dangerous than omicron. However, in the UK, the strain is said to be more contagious and more deadly. The report also revealed that the BA.2 strain has reached several countries so far.

Its variants have already been found in Denmark, Australia, Canada, China, India and Singapore. On the other hand, according to the World Health Organization, there are three strains or sublineages of Omicron variants – BA.1, BA.2 and BA.3. According to WHO, the spike proteins of BA.1 and BA.3 have 69 to 70 deletions, while BA.2 does not. Let us also tell you that the Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium -INSACOG is INSACOG to study the genomic sequencing of corona virus in India. It has 38 laboratories across the country. In such a situation, Insacog says that Omicron variant Omicron (B.11.529)'s brother BA.1 is spreading rapidly in the country and has replaced Delta in Maharashtra.

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