New Leak Reveals Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: What's New?
New Leak Reveals Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: What's New?

Exciting news for Samsung fans! A recent leak from US-based case maker Thinborne hints at some major changes in store for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6. This leak suggests that Samsung might be taking cues from its Galaxy S24 Ultra, bringing flatter surfaces and sharper edges to the design table—a notable departure from its predecessors. While the official release of the phone is still a few months away, leaked images have already sparked a wave of reactions from eager fans.

First spotted by SamMobile, Thinborne, known for its sleek phone cases, briefly teased a CAD rendering of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 on social media before swiftly removing it. This sneak peek hinted at a potential departure from the narrow and elongated outer display seen in earlier Z Fold models. The previous outer display's 23:9 aspect ratio often made everyday tasks like typing, browsing, and watching videos feel cramped and awkward.

According to IceUniverse, a trusted industry insider, leaked screen protectors for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 suggest a slightly wider outer display, expanding from around 57mm on the Z Fold 5 to approximately 60mm on the new model. Additionally, these protectors boast sharper corners, mirroring the design language of the Galaxy S24 series. However, some may find this change less revolutionary, as the Z Fold 6's outer screen, even with a ~22:9 aspect ratio, might still lag behind competitors like the OnePlus Open, offering a wider ~20:9 aspect ratio.

Beyond the display, there's also chatter about potential improvements to the camera system. While the Z Fold 5's camera was decent, it didn't quite meet the expectations of a premium foldable device. Rumors suggest that the Z Fold 6 might see similar incremental upgrades in this department.

But wait, there's more! For die-hard Galaxy Fold fans, there's talk of a possible 'Ultra' variant of the Galaxy Z Fold 6. This higher-end model could address some of the standard version's shortcomings, possibly boasting an enhanced camera setup, a more user-friendly outer display, and even S Pen integration akin to the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Exciting times ahead for Samsung enthusiasts!

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