New legislation in UK makes it illegal for drivers to use their cellphones while driving

London: The British Department for Transport (DfT) has declared that drivers in the United Kingdom would face fines and the danger of losing their driving licences if they use cellphones in their vehicles.

While it is now illegal to text or make a phone call while driving in the United Kingdom, the new legislation, which will take effect in 2022, will go far further, prohibiting drivers from taking photos or videos, scrolling through playlists, or playing games on their devices.

It will also make it illegal to use hand-held devices while stopped at a traffic light or stuck in a gridlocked highway congestion. According to sources, offenders will receive a 200-pound (USD269) fixed penalty notice and 6 points on their licence, putting them at risk of a driving ban under a points totting-up system.

Following a public consultation, 81% of respondents said they supported plans to strengthen the law and make it easier for criminals to be prosecuted. According to a report released by the Department for Transport on Friday, younger drivers are more likely to have used a portable device while driving.

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