New Parliament Building: What kind of materials used for inside?
New Parliament Building: What kind of materials used for inside?

NEW DELHI: on Sunday, May 28,  the new Parliament building will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Hariwansh and some senior ministers in the government expected  likely to be part of the ceremony.

The current Parliament building, which is 96 years old, was completed  in 1927. The ancient structure was found to be unsuitable for modern needs over time.

It's pertinent to note that the new Parliament building will embody the spirit of India by using materials from all throughout the country. The Ashoka Chakras inside both residences were supplied from Indore, while the sandstone for the structure was shipped from Samthura in Rajasthan. 

Everything you need to know about the components inside the new Parliament building is as follows: 

#Sandstone from Sarmathura in Rajasthan was used to construct the new Parliament building. Notably, Sarmathura is also recognised to be the source of the sandstone used for Delhi's Red Fort and Humayun's Tomb.

#Redgranite is placed  in the Rajya Sabha chamber was purchased from Lakha near Ajmer, and the white marble was shipped from Ambaji, while the Kesharia green stone used in the Lok Sabha chamber was supplied from Udaipur. While Nagpur provided the building's teakwood, the furniture for the new parliament was made in Mumbai. 

#Steel from Daman and Diu was utilised in the false ceiling framework of the new Parliament Building, and Aurangabad and Jaipur provided the materials for the Ashoka Emblem sculpture.

#AshokaChakras from Indore were used to decorate the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha as well as the façade of the Parliament.

#Lattice work surrounding the new Parliament was procured from Rajasthan, Noida and Uttar Pradesh.

#The artists who carried out the carving work belonged to Udaipur's Abu Road, and the stone aggregates for the new edifice were purchased from Kotputali.

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