New Range Rover PHEV is on the lead in hybrid vehicles category in the world

Land Rover's 2023 Range Rover plug-in hybrid model outperformed the British luxury carmaker's own expectations by providing 13% more range on pure electric power.The 2023 Range Rover plug-in hybrid model will be able to go 100 kilometres on pure electric power.

The premium SUV, on the other hand, went 113 kilometres on electric power, beating the carmaker's own expectations. When the SUV's battery is completely charged, Land Rover estimates that owners should be able to complete 75% of their travels on electric power alone.

The Range Rover PHEV is one of the few plug-in hybrid vehicles with 50 kWh DC fast charge capability on the market. This means the SUV's battery can be charged up to 80% in just an hour, making it one of the fastest charging PHEVs on the market.

P440e and P510e are the two trim levels available for the Range Rover PHEV. The P440e has a maximum power output of 440 PS, while the P510e has a maximum power output of 510 PS. A 3.0-litre inline-six-cylinder engine, paired with a 105-kW electric motor and a 38-kWh lithium-ion battery pack, provides power to the SUV. The P510e is said to sprint from 0 to 96 kilometres per hour in 5.3 seconds.

This plug-in hybrid powertrain is compatible with various of internal combustion engines, including both diesel and petrol. A twin-turbo V8 engine is also included. Land Rover is also developing an all-electric version of the premium SUV, which is expected to enter dealerships in 2024. The Tata Group-owned British carmaker debuted the new Range Rover in October of last year. The Range Rover's online configurator, according to the carmaker, has been used over two million times.

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