New technology that will help you book cabs and taxi on google search !

Now users can find directions and choose from a menu of ride service options straight from its Google Search App or through the mobile search browser, said Google on Wednesday. This feature was made available on the latest version of Google Maps earlier this year – featuring a dedicated tab with information for cab services in addition to the existing driving, public transport, or walking options, Google said in a statement.

Now with this integration, commuters across the country can ask Google for directions and book ride services directly from Google Search. They will get to see a tab for ride services, both Uber and Ola, with fare estimates and pick up times if a car is available near their location.

On request for specific information such as “Taxi to Bangalore airport” or more specifically “Uber to Bangalore airport” or “Ola to Bangalore airport”, the app/ browser directs the user to select a service and automatically opens the app to book the ride, all in just one tap. In cases where the app is not installed on the device, Google Search will show a link to install the app.

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