New variant of Chhaya Corona #Omicron on Twitter, people laugh and laugh

The outbreak of corona infection is once again on the rise. Corona's new variant 'Omicron' has added to everyone's problem, as soon as everyone gets back on track with one variant of it, as if the other variant stands to challenge us. The same now 'Omicron' variant started knocking, social media was flooded with memes. It's as if everyone is making fun of it to keep their spirits up.

The entire world, including India, is currently on alert over the new variant of Corona. The new variant of corona received in South Africa, Botswana, Hong Kong, Belgium and Israel has brought back the ban. #omicron is trending a lot on social media and everyone is reacting to it in their own way.

Flood of memes on social media:-
The Omicron variant is considered to be a very fast spreading and fear-blowing variant from the delta variant. The vaccine is also proving difficult to stop this variant. Nevertheless, you will not be able to help but laugh at the memes that people are circulating. Users have also compared it to the marvels series' enemy number one Thanos. These memes are making everyone laugh, but once again it's time to follow the corona rules firmly as the omicron is growing faster than the earlier variants. Therefore, it is important that we exercise full vigilance. You can see these memes going viral on social media in the slide above...

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