News Media groups to get together to benchmark the AI model work
News Media groups to get together to benchmark the AI model work

New Delhi:- A collection of the largest news media organizations in the world has asked for changes to rules on how copyrighted material is used by creators of artificial intelligence technology. This request was made in an open letter published on Wednesday.

The letter, signed by groups like the News Media Alliance and the European Publishers' Council, advocated for a system that allows media companies to negotiate together with AI model operators about how they use their creations.

Generative AI and large language models create computer systems that can generate new content, such as text or conversations, based on patterns learned from a large amount of data. Spread that content and information to their users, often without paying or giving credit to the original creators. The letter says that these practices harm the media industry's main ways of making money.

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Services such as OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Bard, which use artificial intelligence to produce language, have resulted in a large increase in online content made by automated programs. Many industries are now looking into how this affects their businesses.

Many of these services don't say where they got the information they used to teach their models. However, in the past, they have mentioned using huge datasets from the internet that include information from news websites.

Even though many companies are using generative AI, governments are still figuring out the rules for how it can be used.

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The statement shows that the news media industry has been trying for a long time to get good deals with tech companies like Meta Platforms and Alphabet. Publishers often complain that these companies make money from news content without giving publishers a fair share. US lawmakers are thinking about a law called the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act. This law would let news companies and publishers with less than 1,500 full-time workers work together to negotiate ad prices with companies like Google and Facebook.

Currently, news companies are starting to try out generative AI and discuss agreements with tech companies to allow their content to be utilized in training AI models.

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The news agency Associated Press, along with other organizations, recently agreed to a deal with OpenAI. Under this agreement, OpenAI can access and use a portion of AP's collection of news articles to explore the application of AI technology in generating news content. 36 crore) in 2019 to fund AI research at academic institutions and non-profit organizations. The aim is to promote the development of beneficial and safe artificial intelligence technology.

The AJP and Indian news organization, Republic Media Network, have formed a partnership to help local news using AI technology. Republic Media Network will provide funding of INR 41 crores to the AJP to support their efforts.

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A bunch of news organizations were invited to discuss the new rules and regulations for AI Content generation done by OpenAI, ChatGPT, Google Bard, and others. They also talked about how to fairly split profits between Google and publishers.

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