Anu Agarwal revealed, "Director had brought whiskey to my place at 12 pm"

Jul 03 2020 04:46 PM
Anu Agarwal revealed,

You all must have watched a Bollywood film Aashiqui. Anu Agarwal, who was seen in this film, was engulfed in everyone's heart. In this film, Anu worked with Rahul Roy and after the film became hit, Anu used to have a line of fans outside her house. She had become very famous. Anu Aggarwal rocked Bollywood with her first film. The Aashiqui film can be called the Golden film which was super-duper hit. After this film, Anu was seen in films like 'Khalnayika', 'King Uncle', 'Janm Kundli' which were excellent. Anu disappeared from the industry after doing these films. She had met with an accident after which she was admitted in the hospital for 29 days. She had gone into a coma at the time. After coming out of the coma, she did not step back in Bollywood and made yoga her partner. Anu is a writer now. Since the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the issue of nepotism has arisen in Bollywood. There are many celebs who are talking about this and have come forward and now Aashiqui actress Anu Agarwal joined the debate. Recently, in the exclusive interview with News Track, she made many shocking revelations which are related to her comeback and nepotism.

Why did you not return to Bollywood?

In 1996 I heard a lecture from the Guru of Yoga. My mind was shaken there. He said- One is your body, one is your mind and one is your soul and all these three things are completely disconnected because we speak what we want but in reality, we want something else. So our words do not match our thinking. I thought I saw Bollywood, saw stardom, saw everything, now I should see it because it is a completely new thing. I never thought that I was leaving Bollywood, it was just let's do this today, we will come back. I joined that course in 1997 after that life, mind all became stable. After that, change seen in me and I turned to spirituality.

There is a debate about nepotism in Bollywood these days, have you ever been a victim of nepotism in Bollywood?

Anu Agarwal - Of course, I can tell you a lot of stories. It is more difficult for the girl. The director thinks that if the girl has become an actress then she is available. The entire game in Bollywood is about fame. After Aashiqui was hit, people used to bow before me. At that time there was no girl like me. There was a director I will not take his name, he came and he said I want to do a movie with you. He made many calls to me. He came to my house at 12 - 12:30 in night. There was a bag on his shoulder and after 10 minutes, he took a bottle of whiskey out of the bag. When I saw that bottle, my mind was disturbed. I thought that he has come to tell the story and what he is doing. I stood there wondering what to do. I was alone, then I thought to speak to him, then within 10 minutes I got up from there and somehow got him out of the house. There is strong nepotism in Bollywood. I was to get the award for the film but was told that who is Anu Agarwal? who are her parents?. And for the film (Khalnayika) for which I had to get the award, I did not get the award. They put me in a supporting character while the film was made on me, I was the lead actress.

Question - Why didn't you marry?

Anu Agarwal- I got many marriage proposals at the age of 17 -18 but I told my parents that I should complete my studies after that. Later I came to Mumbai and then I thought I would stay in Mumbai. In my book (Anusual: Memoir of a Girl Who Came Back from the Dead), I was in a live-in relationship with my boyfriend. We were about to get married. I took him home. He met my grandmother. He introduced me to his family. Everyone accepted him. But we never got married.

Question - What are you doing nowadays?

Anu Aggarwal - I have a foundation named Anu Aggarwal. There is so much work going on. Now a movement has started, thank you, caretakers, thank you to those who are doctors, nurses during Covid 19. So they have made me their global ambassador, I am working in it. Apart from this, I have offers for films, maybe I can come back to films but I have not yet said yes.

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