Nexon EV is Tata Motors' most sold EV, celebrating its 10,000 EV customers

Tata Motors said on Friday that it now has 10,000 customers in India for its electric vehicles, with the Nexon EV SUV leading the way. In addition, the business recently drove in a 2021 Tigor EV for a private customer. Tata Motors thanked early customers for inspiring others and stated that it remains dedicated to the vision of a future in which battery-powered transportation is ubiquitous.

Tata Motors has a 70 percent market dominance in the electric passenger car category in India, with the Nexon EV attracting a lot of interest. The firm reported a healthy order book and exceeded 1,000 unit volume in August of this year.

The Nexon EV debuted in January of 2020, and it has Ziptron technology for enhanced driving performance. While the Tigor EV is also available for fleets, the 2021 Tigor EV with Ziptron was just released for private consumers last month. The Nexon EV is priced at around 14 lakh rupees and comes with a 30.2 kWh battery pack that gives it a reported range of 312 kilometers. In 9.14 seconds, the vehicle reaches 100 kilometers per hour. It produces 127 horsepower and 245 Nm of torque. 

The Tigor EV features a smaller 26 kWh battery, resulting in a shorter advertised range of 306 kilometers. As a result, it is more inexpensive, with a starting sticker price of Rs. 12 lakh. It has a power output of 74 bhp and a torque output of 170 Nm. Tata Motors is expected to increase its grip on the battery-powered mass-market passenger car category as long as there isn't much competition. While electric two- and three-wheelers may well represent the future of India's electric transportation, there is no disputing that electric vehicles have begun to make their presence known.

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