Nick said shocking thing to fans after inadvertently taking break on social media

Singer and Priyanka Chopra's husband Nick Jonas shared a post about his 'inadvertent' social media break. The tweet is going viral after Nick took a 2-week break from Instagram and Twitter. On Friday, Nick tweeted, "Didn't plan like this in any way, but I (inadvertently) took a break in the last 2 weeks to be socially only present... And I feel much better than that. Hopefully, you'll all be doing well in reality. Lots of love."

As soon as he tweeted, his fans have started reacting to it, according to media reports. One person said, "It's a pleasure to hear that you're living your life right now and you're focusing more on yourself. Always put yourself first. I'm very happy to know that you're doing a good job. We missed you, but that's fine. Always make time for yourself and for people who want you. I love you so much."

Another person went on to say, "I thought you were on a break. Sometimes we need it in reality. Take as much time as possible and learn that we will stay here even when you come back. We love you." While one said, "Please don't scare us like this again." For your information, there have been reports of Nick and Priyanka's divorce for a long time. Rumours of Nick and Priyanka's divorce started when Priyanka has removed 'Jonas' from her social media. In a recent interview with the media, Priyanka described the headlines on her social media activity as a "professional threat."

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