Priyanka Chopra loses balance on a Yacht ride; if Husband Nick wasn't there...

Jun 28 2019 02:59 PM
Priyanka Chopra loses balance on a Yacht ride; if Husband Nick wasn't there...

Priyanka Chopra, who has made her mark from Bollywood to Hollywood, is in Paris these days with her husband Nick Jonas. In fact, Priyanka's in-laws are going to have Brother-in-law second marriage, and Priyanka's brother-in-law, Jonas, is going to remarry with her long-time girlfriend Sophie Turner, which is why her entire family has been in Paris for several days. Priyanka Chopra has recently survived an accident and has been saved by her husband.


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Yes, Priyanka was enjoying a yacht ride with her family, but she narrowly escaped the tragedy. If Nick Jonas had not been there with him at that time, Priyanka might have been hurt a lot. Yes, recently a video on social media is going viral and showing in the video that "where on the one side are Nick is enjoying his drink." Priyanka, standing on the Yacht, suddenly falters, but only then does Nick quickly manage her. And their drink falls into the sea,"

If Nick hadn't paid attention to Priyanka at that time, she might have been hurt and the video shows the two laughing after the incident. As the people there looked at Priyanka-Nick, people are constantly praising Nick on the video. Tell all of you that this video is from Paris where the two were enjoying a yacht ride.

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