Man raped 40 women including minor and old lady, arrested
Man raped 40 women including minor and old lady, arrested

The crime case that has come up recently is from Nigeria. Where the police have finally caught the person who is accused of rape in more than 40 cases. According to the information received in this case, this man is accused that he has raped about 40 women in the last 7 years including a young girl of 10 years to an old woman of 80 years. Yes and this accused was caught by a woman in Dangora town of Nigeria when he was trying to target his baby girl.

According to a report surfacing in this case, Nigeria Police spokesman Abdullahi Haruna said that "this man had entered a house in pursuit of a girl." However the mother of that girl saw it. On seeing the woman, she tried to run away but the neighbors chased her and caught her. "Not only this, but the police say that the man has been accused of raping at least 40 times. Let us also tell you that Dangora is a small town in Nigeria and this person has been arrested from here. People have been very happy since the arrest. Police said, 'The people of Dangora are very happy. We hope that justice will also be found in the right way.

In this case, a local person told that despite so many incidents it was absconding and they were living life in the shadow of fear. With this, a local woman told that we did not feel safe in our own homes. Because it was rumored that there is a serial rapist who enters the house and rapes women.

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