Night Anxiety Reason: Why does anxiety often increase at night? What is the exact reason?
Night Anxiety Reason: Why does anxiety often increase at night? What is the exact reason?

It happens frequently when we are constantly thinking about something, causing sleep to be disrupted, especially at night, and you to be unable to wake up on time in the morning. If this occurs to you, you are not alone.

People frequently experience increased anxiety during the night, resulting in frequent sleep interruptions. This could be due to ongoing stress and anxiety. As a result, the same thoughts in your mind become a source of anxiety, even while sleeping.

Worry and fear frequently take control of people's minds at night. People lose control of their thoughts and begin to think more. These negative thoughts in your head prevent you from sleeping peacefully. But have you ever wondered why people are most anxious at night? Psychologist Avi Sanders has provided some explanations for this.

Why is there more anxiety at night?

When not distracted

The atmosphere becomes completely calm at night when everyone is sleeping. At the time, there was no distraction. When we are alone in a calm environment, many different types of thoughts enter our minds, causing anxiety to rise.

Fatigue can also be the reason

Fatigue encourages negative thinking. When we are tired at night, we often start worrying, which causes us to think more. Nighttime anxiety is made worse by overthinking.

Hormonal change

While sleeping, the level of the cortisol hormone decreases. As a result, thoughts of fear and anxiety become more frequent, causing anxiety.

Out of control

During the day, we are more active. We have complete control over everything. On the contrary, during the night, we have no control over our surroundings, which causes anxiety to rise.

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