Cold shuddering people in hilly areas
Cold shuddering people in hilly areas

The effect of winter is visible on the state. Gradually the cold is growing. The night temperatures are falling day by day. Even in the heat-hot cities like Vijayawada and Guntur, the cold has also increased. This reduced the use of Aces at home. Wearing sweaters is relieved from the cold. The agency is shivering the people in the hilly areas. Araku area in Visakhapatnam district is a tourist. Tourists are buzzing here with the cold fire and enjoying the heat in the cold weather. In most parts of the state, fog does not leave until ten in the morning. This is why the traffic is interrupted by the roads. Transport and police officials warn that the accidents are likely to occur during the fog. On Saturday, visakhapatnam district lambasingi 9, chintapalli 12.2, paderu lo 12 and araku 14 degrees Celsius minimum temperatures were recorded. The minimum temperature in Visakhapatnam city was 3 degrees Celsius below normal and 2 degrees Celsius in Kalingapatnam.

Medical experts suggest that elderly, young children, pregnant women, heart and lung patients should be alert in the wake of the cold. The elderly and the sick who went for a walk in the morning told him to go after the sun. Hyderabad-based heart specialist Dr. PL N Capardhi advised that the use of wool coat and monkey cap /muffler is best for protection from cold, and the morning nail should be bathed with warm water and asthma sufferers should not go to cold areas. Medical experts say that skin problems are also more cold.

The weather department officials said that the situation in Rayalaseema is different from the coast and this time the area will be cold. At least 2 to 3 degrees will be seen in the morning and night.

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