Nike sells 47-year-old 'Moon Shoe' for Rs 3 crore and 12 lakhs in auction
Nike sells 47-year-old 'Moon Shoe' for Rs 3 crore and 12 lakhs in auction

In today's time, many such cases arise which OMG comes out of their mouth. In the same way, something similar has happened recently. In fact, a pair of sports shoes manufactured in 1972 by world-famous brand Nike is 4 lakh 37 thousand 500 dollars. (About 3 crore 12 lakh rupees) has been auctioned. Yes, you must have been shocked on hearing this. Actually these shoes are also historical than this because Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman himself designed it. Was created by drawing

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Its initial bid was placed at 1 crore 14 lakhs in Indian rupees. According to the news, this shoe was picked up by 61-year-old Canadian businessman Miles Nadal in the online auction organized by the New York based world famous auction company. It is being told that it is different and antique. People are fond of items and this is why they have done it. People are participating in the auction on making such a big bid for this shoe, 47 years old. Known and this auction has broken the record of the price of shoes sold in the public auction of sports shoes. The auction house of New York Olympic headquarters says, "The story of the construction of this shoe is also very interesting. In 1972, Bowerman Saw a variety of materials to make a shoe of this shoe, but could not decide anything.

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In the end, he strengthened the shoes by preparing a strong sole of rubber in his wife's waffle (a kind of foreign dish) making machine. At that time only 12 such shoes were made for the runners in the Olympic trials. In the buyer, Nadal told that "This shoe is one of the histories of sports shoes that were made very few. It is a historical sample of sports history and pop culture, as well as Nike history is associated with it. I have told you that in this auction 100 pairs of shoes from Adidas to Air Jordan companies were kept and these included one pair of 'Moon Shoe'.

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