Nimisha Bansal, The teacher who gives 10,000+ selections every year

May 04 2021 11:01 AM
Nimisha Bansal, The teacher who gives 10,000+ selections every year

It is said that better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher, and justifying that is Nimisha Bansal of Delhi. A daughter, a wife, an Author and an Educator, Nimisha Bansal has dedicated her life to the field of education and has coached lakhs of students countrywide. Her motto is to make English an easy language for everyone and through her Online Sessions , Webinars & her constant efforts she has built a community of earnest students who are preparing for various government exams and need guidance to excel in English.

She has a youtube channel “Nimisha Bansal”, where she takes free classes regularly and has garnered millions of views on her videos . With a remarkable average of 10,000 plus students achieving their dream jobs every year, Nimisha Bansal has become one of the best English educators in our nation. She has trained millions of students now and holds more than eight years of experience. Many of her students are currently working in various public sector banks and government organizations.

Besides being a bright student of her hometown Mathura, Nimisha had her fair share of struggles when trying to build herself a career and that’s when she understood the importance of education and decided to prioritize her life in providing the best of education to everyone. She is a determined and proactive woman who has proven that it is the teacher who makes the difference, not the classroom. She believes education should not be limited to the youth but to anyone who shares the love of learning. Besides young students, Nimisha has a following of students from the elderly age group who’ve found themselves improving substantially in English through her classes.

Through various social media platforms, Nimisha engages in motivating her students who face challenges in coping up with stress. She says, “to students who are afraid of failures, everyone will learn and succeed, but not in the same way and not on the same day. Stop comparing yourself with others and strive to become better with every passing day.”

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