Nimmi became the heartbeat of Hindi cine lovers in the 50s.

Feb 18 2020 09:52 AM
Nimmi became the heartbeat of Hindi cine lovers in the 50s.

Famous actress from Hindi cinema Nimmi is an actress who put a full stop to the ideology of using actresses as mere showpieces in the late sixties. Nimmi made a place in everyone's heart with her art of acting in many films like Barsaat, Didar, Aan, Udan Khatola and Basant Bahar. If you take a look at the films starring Nimmi, you will find that whatever she used to do on screen. It seems an essential part of her role and she has never been proved wrong. Nimmi not only won the hearts of the audience with her acting and beauty but was also loved by the filmmaker directors. Nimmi is celebrating her 87th birthday on 18 February.

Nimmi was born on 18 February 1933 in Agra. His original name was Nawab Banu. His mother Waheedan was a famous singer as well as a film actress and had worked in a few films with the famous producer, director Mehboob Khan. Nimmi's father worked in the military as a contractor. Let us tell you that when Nimmi was just nine years old, her mother had passed away. After this she started living with her grandmother. Nimmi moved to Mumbai after the partition of India. During this time, he met producer-director Mehboob Khan. Mehboob Khan had earlier produced some films about his mother. He was producing his new film 'Andaaz' in those days. He called Nimmi in the film studios. On the set of the film 'Andaz', Nimmi met actor Raj Kapoor, who was busy looking for new faces for his new film 'Barsaat' and had selected Nargis for the lead actress. Impressed by the beauty of Raj Kapoor Nimmi, she proposed to work as a supporting actress in this film, which she accepted.

In the year 1949, Nimmi started her cine journey with the film Barsaat. Her first film was a super hit at the box office which gave her an identity in Bollywood overnight. After this film, Nimmi did not look back. One after the other, she went on to do successful films and the success of her era was counted among the actresses. Shown in the year 1963, 'Mere Mehboob' is one of the super hit films of Nimmi's cine career. In the film starring Ashok Kumar, Rajendra Kumar and Ameeta, Nimmi won the hearts of viewers with her strong acting and was also nominated for the Filmfare Award for Best Actress. The film 'Aakash Deep' released in the year 1965 proved to be Nimmi's last film career. After this, he opted out of the film industry. Nimmi has acted in nearly 50 films in her four-decade long career.

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