Nipah virus scare under control, Kerala Health Minister asserts

Jun 14 2018 08:30 AM
Nipah virus scare under control, Kerala Health Minister asserts


Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) [India], June 14 (NT): The rare and deadly Nipah virus scare now is in under control as Kerala Health Minister asserted.

Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja on Wednesday stated that the chances of any new cases of Nipah are fewer.

"No new case of Nipah has been registered in the last two to three days, so we can say that the spread of the virus is under control now. But we have to wait until July 30 as the last case occurred on May 31 and we have to take 42 days as incubation period, but this is just a safety method. I think no more cases will occur," she was quoted as saying by media here.

The minister praised her department and even the opposition for the 'joint effort' in helping to control the scare of deadly decease.

She also said that It is a combined work of everybody irrespective of whether someone belonged to the opposition or the ruling party. She added that each and everyone united to control the spread of the virus.

She asserted “I am proud of my department, doctors, nurses, Asha workers and my health secretary, they worked like a machine."

Worth mention here As many as 16 people lost their lives in Kerala due to the outbreak of the virus in May.





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