Doctors were shocked to see Nirbhaya at the hospital, tears came out of his eyes

Jan 13 2020 07:00 PM
Doctors were shocked to see Nirbhaya at the hospital, tears came out of his eyes

The day and time have been fixed to hang the culprits of the Nirbhaya gang-rape case that terrorized the country almost seven years ago. The Patiala House Court on Tuesday, 7 January issued a death warrant for the four convicts in the case and according to this, at 22 am on January 22, the accused of Nirbhaya would be hanged in Tihar jail. Nirbhaya was raped on the night of 16 December 2012 in Munirka, Delhi. 

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The poor raped the girl and then threw her down from the moving bus in a nude condition. During this incident, the victim's friend was also on the bus and the oppressed also beat her and threw her from the bus as well. At the same time, after this incident, the victim was admitted to Safdarjung Hospital and when the doctor saw the condition of Nirbhaya (changed name), he too cried. He said that "To date, he has never seen such a picture of humanity." Seeing Nirbhaya's condition, his spirit also trembled. The doctor who treated Nirbhaya said that" On December 16, 2012, at about one and a half hours Nirbhaya was rushed to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. First there, Dr. Vipul Kandwal of Dehradun treated Nirbhaya. Vipul Kandwal is currently working in Dehradun Hospital. But those days he was working in Safdarjung Hospital.

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With this, Vipul Kandwal told in an interview to a private newspaper that, "Seeing Nirbhaya's condition, he was shaken from inside. Never seen such a case before in life. It must have been half-past one o'clock in the night. I was on night duty in the hospital. At that time, as the daily siren came, the high-speed ambulance stopped outside the emergency of the hospital. Immediately, the injured were taken for treatment in an emergency. I had a 21-year-old girl in front of me. Removed the torn clothes of his body, examined inside, the heart stopped as if. I have never seen such a case before in my life. The question was arising in the mind that how can someone be so cruel? I started the initial surgery to stop the blood. The blood was not stopping. Because the wounds from the rod were so deep that it required major surgery. The bowels were also severed. I did not know who this girl is. In this, many vehicles of police and media also reached the hospital.

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He told, "They say that those moments are very emotional for me. Yes, if we could have saved Nirbhaya's life, we would have taken a photo with him. Not only that night, for two-three weeks, but we were also busy in fixing the situation of Nirbhaya day and night. A panel of specialist doctors was formed for the treatment. I was also in it. Later, when the condition worsened, he was referred to the Higher Center, from where he was also sent to Singapore via air ambulance. But despite all the efforts Nirbhaya could not be saved.