Nirbhaya Case: Vinay had not changed clothes before hanging
Nirbhaya Case: Vinay had not changed clothes before hanging

All the four convicts of Nirbhaya have been hanged today. Yes, after all the legal hurdles, the way of hanging was cleared and it was hanged in Delhi's Tihar Jail at 5.30 am. What happened before the hanging is slowly being revealed. Before hanging, many Tihar jail officials reached near the hanging house, under whose supervision the process of hanging was completed. When the convicts were asked to bathe and change clothes before hanging them, the guilty Vinay refused to change clothes.

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According to the information received during that time, he started crying and started apologizing. Before the execution of many culprits, the crowd gathered outside Tihar Jail and the local people of Delhi, some activists stood outside the jail before hanging and described this day of March 20 as a true reverence for Nirbhaya. After the convicts were hanged, many people celebrated and distributed sweets here.

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Nirbhaya's mother was most happy. Before hanging, the four convicts were picked up at 4 in the morning and after bathing, they were asked to wear new clothes and after this, the convicts were asked for tea and snacks from the jail administration, although no one had breakfast. The jail administration asked the culprits their last wish and at exactly 5.30 pm, the four convicts were hanged in the hanging house of Tihar Jail.

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