Know the story of Nirjala Ekadashi fast

Jun 01 2020 06:42 PM
Know the story of Nirjala Ekadashi fast

Nirjala Ekadashi which is coming every year is going to come this year also. Yes, this fast is observed on the day of Ekadashi of Jyeshtha Shukla and this time this date is falling on 2 June. Today we are going to tell you the mythological fast story of Nirjala Ekadashi fast.

Story of Nirjala Ekadashi fast- Bhimsen started saying to Vyasji, O father! Brother Yudhishthira, Mata Kunti, Draupadi, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva all ask to fast on Ekadashi, but Maharaj, I tell them that brother, I can worship the God etc., I can give charity but also for food. On this Vyasji started to say, O Bhimsen! If you think hell is bad and heaven is good, then do eat grain on both monasteries every month. Bhima started saying that, O father! I have already said that I cannot bear hunger.

If there is only one fast during the year, I cannot live without food. By eating food it keeps calm, so is it difficult to keep fast without eating for even a single time. So, tell me some such fast which has to be done only once in a year and I get heaven. Vyasji started saying that, O son! The great sages have made many scriptures etc. from which one can attain heaven only with little effort without money. Similarly, in the scriptures, fasting of Ekadashi on both sides is kept for liberation. Hearing the words of Vyasji, Bhimsen was frightened by the name of going to hell and trembled and said what should I do now?

I cannot do two fasts in a month, yes I can try to do one fast in a year. Therefore, if I get rid of fasting for one day in the year, then tell me such a fast. On hearing this, Vyasji said that the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Jyestha month between Sankranti is named Nirjala. You fast on that Ekadashi. In this fast, water is prohibited except. There should be no more water than six marshes in the fire, otherwise, it resembles drinking. One should not eat on this day, because the fast is destroyed by having food. If one does not take water from sunrise to sunrise of Dwadashi then he gets the fruits of fasting of all Ekadashi. You should get up before sunrise and bathe etc. and give donations to Brahmins. After this, after feeding the hungry and satpatra Brahmin, then you should have food. Its fruit is equal to the entire XI of one year. Vyasji started saying that O Bhimsen! God himself has told me this.

The virtue of this Ekadashi is more than all the pilgrimages and donations. Only one day a person becomes free from sins by remaining waterless. At the time of his death, those who do fasting on Nirjala Ekadashi do not surround the Yamadoots, but the councillors of God place them in the Pushpak Vimana and take them to heaven. Hence, Nirjala Ekadashi fast is the best in the world. Therefore, this fast should be done diligently. On that day one should chant the mantra 'Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya' and donate cow. Thus, according to Vyasji's order, Bhimsen performed this fast. Therefore, this Ekadashi is also called Bhimseni or Pandava Ekadashi. 

On this day, a pot filled with water should be covered and donated with gold. Those who perform this fast get the fruits of donation of gold, and those who do sacrifice on this day cannot be described. can. Man Vishnu is attained by fasting on this Ekadashi. People who eat food on this day are like Chandal. They finally go to hell. The person who has fasted on Nirjala Ekadashi, whether he is a Brahman murderer, is drunk, steals or has misbehaved with the Guru, but goes to heaven with the effect of this fast.

Hey Kuntiputra! Men or women who perform this fast devoutly should perform the following actions. First worship God, then cow donations, Brahmins should give sweets and Dakshina and should donate the Kalash filled with water. On the day of Nirjala, donations of food, clothes, shoes should also be done. Those who devoutly read or listen to this story surely get heaven.

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