Nitesh Seth: A Business Tycoon In The Making

Nitesh Seth knows his way around the business world; after all, he grew up dealing with business work since he was a child. Owing to his family, they were also busy in their own organization. It was basically a clothing manufacturing company, and Nitesh was quite inspired after his involvement in this. 

We know how we follow our parents' footsteps and take inspiration out of the work that they do or are still doing. Mr Seth, too Wanted to do something on his own, without the help of his family business. He is well established and beginning from scratch, but something he always had in mind because after years of working with MNC, he was pretty exhausted. Starting up was not difficult, especially for him, because he had a lot of business ideas planned out. Since he has been working for 14 years now and has come across a lot of different kinds of business organizations come enterprises, he has a clear idea of what start-up is going to work out in the present world. This includes:

•Stellar Exports: Manufacturing company involved in production and exports of Knitted Fabrics and Shawls.  His organisation is not just exporting, but also catering to various domestic traders across India as well.

•Moda Chales: E-Retailing of shawls, Indian wear, and accessories. People would not like to go outside during the pandemic to buy their clothes. However, do you think they would stay at their house without making any purchases? This is why the focus on the online world is deemed important.

•My  Shipper: A logistics industry meant to help out small businesses who have just started out and are facing difficulties in shipping their goods from one place to another. Usually, organizations reach out to experienced ones so that they could help them out with this one task that they themselves do not specialize in. 

•S2O-Start Selling Online: Organisation focused on helping small businesses in the development of their web stores and build their online presence.

Nitesh Seth is currently focusing on his eCommerce business enterprise because that is sure to expand owing to the current situation of the world. Although he seems like a very serious business-oriented person, he focuses on coaching other young people, too, without charging them anything. He likes to contribute to society, especially the less fortunate people through NGOs like RangDe and Voice of Amritsar. According to him, everyone has the right to education and knowledge; nobody should be deprived or fit just because they are not financially well off. 

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