Nitin Gadkari says all vehicles will soon be able to run on ethanol

All vehicles will soon be able to operate on ethanol, according to Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari, and there will be more ethanol pumps throughout the country in the future. The minister stated at an occasion that because fuel is more expensive than bio-ethanol, the people will be able to save more money while also reducing air pollution.

Gadkari further stated that all vehicles, ranging from auto rickshaws to high-end automobiles, will be able to operate on ethanol in the near future. The minister has often defended the country's need to expand ethanol production, most recently stating that farmers should switch to ethanol production rather than conventional crops to increase profitability and supply.

He stressed that the necessity for flex fuel engines in automobiles stems from the fact that the country spends over Rs. 8 lakh crore on fuel imports each year, a sum that might be reduced if flex fuels are widely used. To reach this aim, ethanol output must be increased.

Last week, the minister issued a directive to automakers, stating that flexible-fuel engines must be introduced in automobiles within six months. The minister signed a dossier on flex-fuel engines, advising automakers to develop flex-fuel engines for their cars. He also stated that the federal government is aiming to promote the use of alternate and green fuels. He went on to say that automakers like TVS Motors and Bajaj Auto have already begun producing flex-fuel engines for their two- and three-wheeler models.

Flexible fuel, often known as flex-fuel, is an alternative fuel generated by mixing petrol with methanol or ethanol. Because of its biofuel composition, flex-fuel is touted to be less polluting than gasoline. The flex-fuel engines are capable of running on both petrol and biofuel.

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