Nitish Bharadwaj once revealed that he first refused to play Lord Krishna in Mahabharat due to this reason

One of the most renowned faces of Television renowned for his Krishna role Nitish Bharadwaj enjoys a massive fan following. People also called him the best On screen Krishan and no one can match him. In 1988, Bharadwaj, then just 23, became an overnight star and people would touch his feet wherever he went. In an old interview, the actor revealed he wasn’t confident about playing such an important character and dodged director BR Chopra for weeks to avoid giving the screen test therefore he first refused to play the role of Lord Krishna in Mahabharata.

Nitish was first offered the role of Vidur then Nakul and Sahdev but somehow never works, The actor speaking about the incident of casting. The actor said, “I was shooting for my second Marathi feature film in Kolhapur. In those days, we used to go for outdoor shoots and would get messages only via landlines when we used to come back to the hotel. I was told to call back my mother who told me that Gufi Paintal had called up, saying they wanted to screen test you for Krishna. I told her to say no as I felt I couldn’t do it. She used her wisdom and told Gufi that I was shooting in Kolhapur and she would be able to inform me about his offer only when I return.”

He further added,  “He got to know that I was there. He asked me ‘what is your problem, I am calling you for the screen test, why are you avoiding it?’ I told him ‘You need a more experienced person, how can you have a new person playing the mahanayak (Krishna)’. He said ‘you always wanted to play a good role, at least appear for the screen test’.

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