'Nitish himself an engineer, yet how did a bridge collapse twice': Chirag Paswan

Bhagalpur: There is a lot of politics over the collapse of the Aguani-Sultanganj bridge on the Ganga river in Bhagalpur, Bihar. Lok Sabha MP from Jamui and LJP Ram Vilas Paswan has now wrapped up Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on the issue. Chirag questioned how Chief Minister Nitish Kumar himself is an engineer, yet his dream fell 2 times due to the construction of the bridge. Why no action was taken on this.  

According to reports, on Tuesday, Chirag Paswan, in a discussion with the media, fiercely attacked Nitish Kumar over the bridge accident. He said that the collapse of the Aguwani bridge is a strong proof of corruption happening under the nose of the Chief Minister. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is dreaming of becoming PM. They are busy travelling to the country, they do not see the problem of the people of their state.

"Nitish Kumar is saying that Bihar has seen, now the country will see. What will he show the country? Now the bridge has collapsed in Bihar, now will they demolish bridges across the country? Questioning the Bhagalpur bridge accident, Paswan asked why the construction company was not blacklisted when the bridge first collapsed. Why is Chief Minister Nitish Kumar trying to save the company? He said that if proper action had been taken in the first place, then this day would not have been seen today."

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