'Nitish Kumar only has to oppose Narendra Modi': Sushil Modi on war over new Parliament building

Patna: BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi has launched a scathing attack on Nitish Kumar over the war on The Parliament House. Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi has said that Nitish Kumar is raising this issue only because he has to oppose Narendra Modi. He has personal hatred towards PM Modi ji. Nitish Kumar is jealous and hates Modi ji. Sushil Modi said that if Nitish Kumar does not want to come to the inauguration program, then do not come. But to say what parliament house needs exposes their mindset. Sushil Modi said that if there is a new delimitation of Lok Sabha after 2026, then the number of members can increase. Where will the new members sit? Even today, when the President's address is held in the Central Hall, chairs have to be installed from outside, then everyone is able to sit. Sushil Modi: The old building has turned 90 years old and a new building has been built, so why is it being opposed? To oppose the BJP and Narendra Modi, the temple of democracy, the Parliament House is being opposed, which the country is going to need immediately.

Sushil Modi said That Nitish Kumar and his allies opposed the move. These people went to the Supreme Court. But even there, they failed. His petition was dismissed. These people also protested against the installation of national emblem. They opposed the foundation stone. They did this because they hate Narendra Modi. Sushil Modi also wrapped up Nitish Kumar over RJD's tweet. "One of his colleagues is comparing the Parliament house to a coffin. How wrong this is. When the Prime Minister of the country does not have the right to inaugurate the Parliament House, then why did Nitish Kumar inaugurate the new building of Bihar Legislative Assembly himself? Nitish Kumar should tell how many buildings and schemes he inaugurated from the Governor in 17 years of CM's tenure?" 

He asked that if the opportunity was received, he kept inaugurating and laying the foundation stone himself. But the PM of the country who has been given this right by the people with a huge mandate, then you are getting so jealous. On the question of boycott of the inauguration program of Parliament House by 21 parties, Sushil Modi said that we invited you, you did not come to the inauguration by boycotting yourself. What is our fault in this? What do you mean by someone inaugurating it? You should have come. But you just have to do it because Nitish Kumar is jealous of why PM Narendra Modi is getting the credit for this.

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