Nitrogen gas filled with polythene dam on the face, Engineer's painful death

Narmadapuram: In the Narmadapuram district of Madhya Pradesh, a sub-engineer of the municipality embraced death due to illness. Sub Engineer Chetan Bhumarkar used engineering techniques to commit suicide. People are stunned to see the manner of suicide. To commit suicide, the sub-engineer first wrapped polythene on his face and then filled nitrogen gas through the pipe, the sub-engineer lost his life due to suffocation due to the gas. Sub engineer used to live with one of his Roommates, before committing suicide, he sent his roommate to his house by telling a relative to come, when the door did not open for 2 days, the cook maid told the roommate and neighbour Thereafter, the police got information and the door was broken. As soon as the police reached inside, the suicide of all the engineers came to be known.

Sub engineer Chetan was lying dead on the mattress inside the room. When people saw his way of committing suicide, everyone was stunned. The police called the FSL team and got the accident site investigated. After inspecting the spot, the police said that the sub-engineer died due to suffocation due to nitrogen gas filled in polythene.

The same sub-engineer Chetan's roommate Lakhan Kushwaha said that he is a student in BSC's first year. He had come to live with Chetan only about a month ago. On Saturday, Chetan told me to go to the village after saying that the relative would come. On reaching the village on Sunday and Monday, the maid called and told that the door was locked from inside. When he called again, I came and informed the neighbours. The door was opened after calling the police, after which the case of Chetan Bhaiya's suicide came to light. The deceased Chetan Bhumarkar was a resident of Betul district. The cousin of the deceased said that Chetan's parents have passed away, and there is a younger sister who is studying in Indore. The deceased was worried about his illness for a long time, Whose treatment he was getting in Indore. He lived in a flat on the Narmada campus on Banjara Hills and was working as a sub-engineer in the water supply branch of the Narmadapuram municipality. A one-page suicide note was received from the deceased, in which it is written that I am Deputy Engineer in Chetan Bhumarkar Municipality. I am troubled by illness. Because of which I am not able to do my work completely. Do not disturb my family or anyone after my death. I am committing suicide voluntarily. The news of my death was passed by my uncle Sudhakar Nagle, Aunt Shanti Biker, Bhaiya Rajendra, Give it to brother-in-law Pancham Chaurasia. Along with the name, everyone's phone numbers are written. Police station Kotwali TI Santosh Singh Chauhan told that the deceased Chetan was a mechanical engineer. He used engineering to commit suicide. The mouth was tied with polythene. In which nitrogen gas will be filled through the pipe. He died of suffocation. At first glance, it appears to be suicide. A suicide note has also been found. The matter is under investigation. The family members from Indore, Betul of the deceased have been informed.

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