MP: Police asking people to inflate balloons, who violating curfew guidelines
MP: Police asking people to inflate balloons, who violating curfew guidelines

Bhopal: Police across the country are leaving no stone unturned to maintain curfew. However, the police everywhere are adopting unique tactics. Now, the Niwari police of Madhya Pradesh has adopted a unique method. In fact, lathis are not being used on those violating the law here, but balloons are being inflated as punishment. Yes, as per the information received, Prithvipur SDOP Santosh Patel of Niwari district has come up with a unique investigation plan to check the people leaving their homes.

In fact, Niwari SP Alok Kumar Singh has directed SDOP Prithvipur Santosh Patel to set up a temporary office at Rani Ganj check post. According to the information received, SDOP Santosh Patel has imposed a punishment for increasing corona's virus by preventing those who meet at the check post or go for the wedding. The police are first questioning the bike or car commuters, "What is the proof that you have come out and you don't have corona?" The same police are undergoing a stamina test when they do not get an answer.

SDOP Santosh Patel is asking such people to blow up 5 balloons in 1 minute. He says that if you inflate so many balloons, I'll understand that there is no corona. Some people reportedly run away after hearing the number and some who accept the condition. Those who are accepting the condition are being resolved not to go out by writing go corona, part corona in balloons.

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