Omicron infected can be cured at home, know how?

Corona cases are on the rise across the country. At present, a large number of cases of omicron nature are coming up. On the other hand, the AIIMS doctor says that symptoms begin to appear three times after being infected with omicrons. He also said that its patients can be cured at home on the basis of symptoms. There will be only a few others who may need to be taken to the hospital.

In fact, Dr Neeraj Nischal, Additional Professor, Department of Medicine, AIIMS said that at present the cases of omicron are spreading more. Most people may have symptoms in three days after being infected with omicron, while the delta variant that appeared in the second wave started showing symptoms four days after it was infected. In this case, the alpha variant showed symptoms after five days, i.e., people infected with omicrons could have faster symptoms than other variants.

Do this at home to treat mild cases of omicrons:

Keep in constant touch with the doctor who treats

●. In case of any deterioration in health, inform the doctor immediately or go to the hospital.

● can also continue medicines related to other diseases after contacting the doctor.

There is a lot of talk about monoclonal antibodies in addition to antiviral drugs like Molinupirvir in the treatment of corona. On the other hand, the doctor says that these medicines are not magic wands. Omicron is a new variant and cannot say that monoclonal antibodies will work in it.

When to go to the hospital-

● Difficulty breathing.

● The level of oxygen saturation in the normal room should be less than 94.

● If there is constant pain and heaviness in the chest.

● The mind does not work properly, the symptoms will increase even after three to four days.

How to treat omicrons at home?-

According to Dr Neeraj Nischal, most of the patients of Omicron can be cured by giving treatment on the basis of symptoms at home. According to him:

● Adult patients have a fever, they can take paracetamol 650 mg.

● If the fever lasts for several days, you can use the non-steroid drug Neproxyn 250 mg on the advice of your doctor.

● If there are symptoms of cold or cold, Cetirizine can use 10 mg or Levocetirizine 5 mg.

● Can use cough syrup when coughing occurs.

Corona infection spreading at double speed, know which mask give right protection

Corona infection spreading at double speed, know which mask give right protection

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