No Tax Scrutiny to Political parties while Exchanging Notes

It seems that the present central government's challenges not going to decrease after the decisions it has been taking to control the mishap it did in form of demonetization. It, first of all, gave a single handed chance to black money commanders to lead on in last month as well as it provided certain schemes where Black hoardings have gone passed their supersede comparative perspectives once the demonetization had come to effect. Now the public response is on the high as the news has been leagued that the political parties are exempted from paying certain taxes and commendable responsibilities as far their collective incentive for collective money is concerned. What makes this statement more critical from a public's perspective is that it has been told by the government that the public can pay their old currency notes to these political parties as fund and it shall not be charged through any consequential barrier of tax evasive strength which has made the mood of a country go more hikes? However, in this case, it has already been on the evasive move due to high pressurized events going all around of new currency looters and lack of monetary funding in the banks or ATM machines at large.

According to this political conditional term, a person can submit around 20,000 at a time to any political party which should be exempted from any governmental or income tax charges due to certain separation policy into effect in a case of funding to the political parties.

However, the Indian finance minister suggests it to be a fake ideology but the government can't face the consequence of this virtual decision through which it has given one more grab in form of opportunity to the black money collectors in India. This statement has clarified the final mode of ideological standard that the Indian political parties do rule on the trend of black money and in this way it is not an easy boost to charge them out and collectivize the goal of stopping black money's spread out.

All in all, it has already done long-term damage to the Indian economy in the form of demonetization with a poor public recession and down payment, thus let's hope that Government may think of concerning its failure soon, Till then lets's have a look out how government tackles new social challenges out...

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