Dengue cases in Noida broke record of 10 years, got 4th strain of dengue infection

New Delhi: Air pollution in Delhi-NCR is currently causing a lot of trouble to the people but in the meantime, dengue has also started showing its impact. Here, Noida adjoining Delhi is witnessing a sharp rise in dengue cases. Dengue cases here have broken the record of the last 10 years. Recently, the Noida health department has released a record according to which, for the first time in ten years, the number of dengue cases in the district has crossed 500.

The health department is said to have spent lakhs of rupees on spraying and fogging of anti-larva medicine suo-how for the last three and a half months but new dengue cases are not coming to an end. According to sources, Delhi-Noida hospitals are also getting the fourth strain of dengue infection which is considered to be very dangerous and infectious. On the other hand, the District Malaria Department along with Noida Authority and other departments is conducting a campaign to prevent diseases but still, new cases are coming up every day.

Let me tell all of you that in the first 30 days, 49 cases of dengue were reported in the district, but the health department showed negligence considering the number of patients to be minor. Due to this, anti-larva did not start the campaign of spraying and fogging the drug. Dengue has since taken a terrible turn in October and 15 to 20 new dengue cases are being reported daily in Noida alone. There have been 376 new dengue cases in October, but the figure has reached 509 last Saturday.

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