Condition of Government schools are disarray, students studying without benches in winter

Dec 29 2019 03:26 PM
Condition of Government schools are disarray, students studying without benches in winter

New Delhi: The cold in Delhi NCR is breaking previous records every day due to the increasing cold. The temperature has fallen so much that all the measures to avoid the cold are failing. Most schools and colleges have been closed as a precautionary measure. On the other hand, in such a deadly cold, no one is stunned to see the condition of children of a government school in Noida. Uttar Pradesh government is spending crores of rupees in the name of education, but due to the negligence of the education department in Noida, small children in many schools are forced to study on the floor in this winter season. Some children have not even received sweaters yet. There is no arrangement of benches for the children to sit in the school. In the government school of Nawada located in Noida Sector-62 on Saturday, there was not even a mat for laying benches for children on the floor in this season. The children were studying on the floor. Even after this, the Education Department is not paying any attention.

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'Announcement to close DM school': According to sources, Noida Village Residents Association has written a letter to the DM demanding that children's leave in school be declared. Children are falling ill due to severe cold going to school. Novara president Ranjan Tomar and vice president Ajay Chauhan say that it is our responsibility to protect the children from this cold.

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It is also being said that apart from this, Fonerva and DDRWA have also demanded leave in schools. General Secretary of Fonarva KK Jain said that the children are having problems due to the cold. The quality of the sweaters given to the children studying in government schools is not good, so it is mandatory to give leave in school.

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